Good Tattoo Etiquette Is A Thing


A guide on good questions to ask and things you just should never say

As tattoo artists, we are accustomed to getting all kinds of questions. Some are really good questions, and we could see why you might ask that. Some questions make us want to slap the taste out of your mouth. But hey, we aren’t here to chastise you right away are we? No, we are here to educate. That way the next time you go into a tattoo studio, you don’t say something, well… stupid.

How Much For A Sleeve?

Man this question just pisses me off. Because this is literally like walking into a car dealership and asking, “How much for a car?” You can see how that is not a good question now, right? It depends on so many different factors. Design, placement, your own pain tolerance, and your budget. An entire sleeve is not something you just walk in and get. It takes several sessions and several hours to complete a beautiful tattoo sleeve. So don’t ask again.

A better alternative would be to look at an artists portfolio, discuss one piece you want to start with and explain that you plan on it being part of a much larger tattoo. Work on a it a little at a time. Yeah, we like that. (See? Good tattoo etiquette.)

I’m Only 17 But My Parents Will Sign A Waiver

Nope. Come back when you’re 18. Sorry kid. It ain’t that far away.

Can I Take Some Shots Or Some Pills For The Pain?

Are you serious right now? First of all, drunk and/or high people are usually pretty annoying in the first place. I know I don’t want to spend hours with the drunk version of you. Also, let’s talk about what that does to your body. Alcohol and certain pain killers thin the blood. This is going to affect your entire tattoo from beginning to end. News flash, tattoos hurt. You don’t need a substance to have the courage to get a tattoo. This is something you develop by getting tattooed.

Now, there are numbing creams out there that you can use to help ease the pain a little bit, especially if you are getting tattooed in a sensitive area. They are usually around 5% lidocaine or benzocaine and will not mess with the surface we will be tattooing on. Use those instead.

What Style Should I Get?

Do I look like a psychic to you? How am I supposed to know what you want? You know what I really hear when you ask me that? That you don’t take getting a tattoo seriously and you should come back when you do. Maybe you are inexperienced, maybe you haven’t done any research, maybe you are a tattoo virgin. All of these things are ok. But we live in an age where you can summon designs and styles at your finger tips. So look some things up, check out some portfolios, and then come back with an idea.

That’s Expensive!

Ok this is not one I personally hear a lot, but it is still common. But hey, how much did you spend at the bar last night? Or at your last dinner? And that was a one time experience. This tattoo is going to be on you forever. And it takes most of us years and years trying to perfect a craft that we never stop learning about because it is just so damn awesome! You are getting a unique, carefully crafted, piece of art that you will wear forever, in a clean and sterile environment by some of the coolest people you will ever meet. It’s worth it. Plus, we aren’t getting a recurring monthly installment from you, geez.

Do You Get It Now?

I could go on and on about good tattoo etiquette, but that is enough for this installment if you made it this far. Wanna book an appointment? Come see us at Electric Eye Tattoo or shoot a message and we’ll be more than happy to get you on the schedule.

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