Amazing New Tattoo Techniques in 2022

Getting tattooed has thankfully become extremely common and lost it’s stigma that only criminals and bikers get them. Personally we have tattooed everyone from police to soccer moms. It is a very personal decision, and it should be. you are marking your body for the rest of your life. Not only have they even become acceptable in business environments, the technology has kept up with the times. New tattoo ideas, styles, and techniques are showing up everywhere, every day. 

Way Better Ink

Have you come accross an old tattoo that probably started off black but now looks green? Well, there are now so many companies producing ink using higher grade ingredients that stand the test of time better and reduce damage to the skin. 

Glow In The Dark Tattoos

Something we used to talk about when we were children, “dude I want a tattoo that glows in the dark!” Well, they don’t ACTUALLY glow in the dark. But there is ink that reacts to UV light. Commonly called Black Light Ink, these tattoos are free of phosphorous and safe for the person receiving the tattoo. 

Disappearing Tattoos

Personally, we have not used diappearing ink, but it exists. This ink is designed to disolve naturally over time. It comes with pro’s and cons. If you dont want to commit to a tattoo forever, you’re in luck. However, there is no guarantee that it will fade evenly and may take several years to completely dissolve. 

Healthy Tattoos

Again, not ink that we have personally used. But certain manufacturers create inks that react for people with diabetes, kidney disease, and other health complications that may affect their healing. These biomarkers should not be used to keep track of things like blood sugar, but they might be helpful to have. 

New Tattoo Ideas

There are so many new styles of tattoos and ways of applying them that you are no longer stuck getting old flash off the walls of your local tattoo shop. 

Watercolor Tattoos

This is common design that has increased in popularity in recent years and the artists who do them have learned to make them seem more like real water color. All colors from neons to pastels now have a place in taking a more traditional piece and turning into a brilliant work of art. 

Dot Work Tattoos

Also called stippling, these tattoos are performed by using different quantities of dots to form the tattoo. They can be done one dot at a time or by using a tehnique called whip shading. 

Whip shading is performed at a much slower speed and with a much smaller liner needle to create depth and dimension when shading your tattoo. It is a very elegant look that works great in pieces like flowers and more delicate designs. 

Which New Tattoo Technique Is Right For You?

Ultimately that is your decision. Consult with a tattoo artist about different things you have in mind and discuss these different styles. You are making a permanent decision to body art and you shouldn’t take is lightly. The artists at Electric Eye Tattoo would love to help you decide on your next piece or your very first piece. So call us or send us a message today. 

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