Sibling Tattoo Ideas

Recently I had a few siblings come into the shop to get their birth years and order tattooed on themselves. This made me remember a conversation that I had about getting sibling tattoos with my brother and sister. I still like the idea we had come up with, although we never followed through. But it did make me think about how many different sibling tattoo ideas there are. I am not one to tattoo someones name on myself, but getting corresponding tattoos with the people who have been and will be stuck with me till the end is acceptable. So here is a list I have compiled of different ideas for you and your brothers and sisters.


It would be a pretty cool idea to get each others birthstones tattooed. While this means you would have to get a color tattoo (for some reason a lot of people are stuck on black and gray), there are a lot of very cool tattoos of gems out there.


I personally do not subscribe to astrology ideas, however I do know that most people recognize their sun sign. This is something that you could do regardless of the amount of siblings you have as some are sure to be different. Depending on the age gap, you might even have the same sign.

Two Halves

If you only have one sibling, the tho-halves-of-a-whole opens a lot of doors. You could each get half of a heart or other symbol that becomes whole when you are togethere.

Birth States

This works well if you and your siblings were all born in the same state. I suppose you could get each others states or countries for that matter if you were spread out.


This is something I have thought about doing whether m siblings do or not. All of our names start with the letter J. So one simple letter in a cool style would make for an awesome tattoo in any placement.

Fictional Siblings

I am not referring to your invisible friends here. However a lot of people do get tattoos of cartoons that represent them and their siblings. For instance, sisters may get Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen tattooed on them. Ive also seen Bart and Lisa from The Simpsons, even characters from Bob’s Burgers.

Shared Interests Or Each Others Interests

This is something that I think makes the best design. If you and your siblings grew up doing a particular activity together, making music, or playing video games, you may get something that incorporates your childhood. Or you may just each get something that you know the other is into.

Family Crest

The family crest or coat of arms can be a very cool tattoo and it is something that like it or not, you will always have in common. Another thing siblings often share are parents, and may include their parents names or initials in a tattoo.

Inspired Yet?

While we all come from different families with different backgrounds and stories, it is always cool to find ways to come together and share experiences. If you and your siblings are thinking about getting a sibling tattoo or are looking for ideas for one, come see us at Electric Eye Tattoo in Sapulpa! We’d love to listen to your stories while we give you a fresh new skin sticker. Contact us today.
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