Lets Talk Flowers

Oh yes, we know you love your flowers. Flower tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos. Right up there with skulls and scripts. So many people want them, and equally don’t know which flowers they want. Yes, some may have personal and private meanings to you such as a birth flower. But each flower has a different meaning, so let us learn ya something to help you decide which ones you want to get. 

The Rose

One of the most popular flowers in real life, and the most iconic flower tattoo you will see. They are styled in so many ways we could do an article simply about rose tattoos and nothing else. Roses imply desire and passion in life, but different colors have different meanings. 

  • Coral Rose – the color of friendship
  • White Rose – new beginnings
  • Pink Rose – grace and happiness

There are other meanings as well. For instance, a skull with a rose can symbolize death or loss. A dagger with a rose can symbolize a desire for perfection. So you can think about the meaning of each rose before you permanently mark yourself with one. 

The Lotus

A Buddhist symbol of spiritual awakening, the lotus also has deep meanings of fortune and peace. There are different meanings in real life that connotate from where it grows. And as with roses, can have different meanings depending on the color. 

The Orchid

This flower has different meanings in different cultures. An orchid in Japan does not have the same meaning as an orchid in China. The way this flower looks gives meaning to itself. It is frail looking, but does not seem to fall. It is beauty and strength combined. There are several different real life orchids too, so before you get one make sure you know which one you want and the meaning you want it to portray for you. 

The Chrysanthemum

In Japanese culture this flower is very regal, majestic, and powerful. You would notice it as the Imperial Seal of Japan. The name quite literally means “The Golden Flower”. Unlike the rose, it’s colors and pairings have different meanings entirely. Pairing a skull with a chrysanthemum is a symbol of new life and protection. Pair it with a snake and it is a symbol of good health. 

The Cherry Blossom

Also seen in Japanese culture, this delicate little flower means fleeting beauty, as they do not last forever. And that alone does not need a long desciption. It is a very straight forward flower with a straight forward meaning. 

The Sunflower

Sundlowers are beautiful and represent the heavenly body. Dating back to the Inca’s, the sunflower was a symbol of creation. Moreover, it represents beauty, loyalty, and longevity. It’s warmth represets the replenishment brought on by the sun and heat. 

The Lily

This beautiful flower is a perfect representation of long lasting friendships and aprtnerships. Ancient meanings draw back to fertility with the Greek’s, including birth and motherhood. It is the only flower with parallel meanings across every culture. 

Still Not Sure What Flower Tattoo You Want?

That’s OK. You can still stop by the shop and talk with us. We will be happy to design you a flower tattoo in any style you can think of so that you get the exact piece you want. Call or come by Electric Eye Tattoo today and lets get you a whole bouquet!

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