Proper Tattoo Placement

Ah, the tattoo. Once a sign of rebellion, deviance, and defiance, it is now highly regarded as a form of self expression and memory. In fact, nearly 50% of the population has at least one tattoo. In the last two weeks I alone gave several people their first tattoos. Everyone from kids celebrating their 18th birthdays to 60+ year olds.

That’s a lot of people looking to wear their art and their history on them. So while the excitement to get a tattoo is growing rapidly, tattoo regret is a very real thing. So it is very important that you choose the right place for a tattoo, and there are things to consider when doing so.

Where Do You Have The Space?

Smaller tattoos should generally be put on smaller areas of the body. Think wrist, ankle, behind the ear, etc. It is much easier to place a smaller tattoo than a larger one. And tattoo placement in the right location will save you later when you are planning a larger one.

Fit It To Your Body

Shape is important. Does it flow along your body? If you are wanting to get lines of script, these work great along your forearms, but its not something I would suggest on your shoulder. Round shapes, ovals, etc. work very well on shoulders, chest, and back. Consider whether your piece wraps around or not. Really visualize how this piece is going to look on different parts of your body.

Is It For You?

If people can see your ink, they are going to ask about it. So consider whether or not you want the world to be able to see it. If it is a piece in memory of someone, you’re likely going to want to be able to see it. Stand in front of your mirror and get ideas. Consider how it might affect your job as well. Because even in 2022 your boss might have a stick up their ass about showing tattoos.

How Much Is It Going To Hurt?

Tattoo pain is a necessary evil. There is no escaping it. But some places hurt more than others. So while it may seem like a great idea to get that tattoo you have been wanting to commemorate your trip to the beach, you might find yourself very uncomfortbale in the process. Bonier parts of the body hurt more than fleshier ones, so keep that in mind.

Is It Going To Age Well?

With the growing number of images on Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, I get a lot of requests for tattoos that either are not possible to execute, or would look like hell in a year. The smaller the tattoo is, the less detail it can have and still look good. The closer lines are together, the more they will blend into each other over time. There is a reason that you see 30 year old Sailor Jerry tattoos that still look fresh. Because they are simple designs that are built to last.

That should not deter you from getting a cooler neo-traditional, new school, or realism design. Just consider how long it will last. If you have the right artist to pull it off, they may be able to help you collaborate on a design that will age well.

We Good Now?

So now that you have all the direction on proper tattoo placement, come see us at Electric Eye Tattoo so we can stick it on you. Send a message, call, or come by the shop for a consultation and we’ll get you on the books.

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