Do Tattoos Hurt?

In a word, yes. But let’s break it down, because you didn’t come here for a one word answer. Tattoos CAN hurt more on certain body parts than others. Also, different people have different pain tolerances than others, making the experience completely different. I mean, you are getting ink injected into your skin using needles, what do you expect?

What Does It Feel Like?

This depends on many things. Where are you getting the tattoo on your body? What is your own individual pain tolerance like? And recently, with the introduction of rotary machines and tattoo pens, what is your artist using? I used to think that last part didn’t matter. But when you think about how all of your different senses have an effect on each other, not hearing the buzz of a coil machine in your ear may make you more comfortable.
Some people describe outlining as being less painful than shading or coloring. I believe this is because they have sat through the outlining and their tolerance has started to wear down, so they began to notice it more as they go. There is also a theory that people getting their first tattoo sit better because they don’t have a comparison of what they think it should feel like.
I’ve always thought a tattoo felt like a mild sunburn.

Why Does It Hurt?

Well, again you are injecting ink into your skin using needles. This causes abrasions to your skin. Depending on your bodies own chemistry, you may experience swelling or other reactions to getting a tattoo. This process is permanent, though modern technology such as lasers may aid in the removal of a tattoo. (We hear that is painful too.)

Which Areas Hurt The Most?

All of them.
It would be very hard to tell you which area of your body is going to be more comfortable to tattoo than another. Muscle density, nerve locations, the size of the tattoo, pain tolerance, and many other factors go into this answer. It is obvious which parts of your body are more sensitive than others, and no one knows your body like you do. Places like the inside of your elbow (ditch), hands, feet, chest, face, and other parts of your body might not feel so good.

How Long Does The Pain Last?

Not very long at all. While you may experience some discomfort during the process, it quickly subsides once the piece is finished. During the healing process you may be a little more sensitive in that area for up to a few days, but nothing major. You may take ibuprofen if it helps you.
There are also many different numbing creams on the market that may initially help with the discomfort of the tattoo process. Products like Dr. Numb contain lidocaine which may help numb the area before hand and help you sit longer for your tattoo.

Don’t Let This Stop You

Ok, so now you know that tattoos might suck a little bit to get. But if it was really that bad, people would not cover their entire bodies with them right? It is going to sting, and bleed, and that is all OK. But I firmly believe that you will be so happy with your tattoo that you will continue to come back for more and more. There is a pride that comes with wearing your art and working with professional artists that can help bring that vision to life. Come see us at Electric Eye Tattoo and see for yourself why so many people continue to decorate and adorn their skin with beautiful designs regardless of how it feels.
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