Tattoos Are Good For Your Health!


Yeah, when I first read that sentence I didn’t think it was real either. That makes us both wrong. I mean, when you think about all the different reasons for getting a tattoo in the first place, you think about the meaning it has to you, the style you want, maybe it just looks cool. Who would have ever thought that tattoos are good for your health?

Ink Therapy

See, now that is a phrase we are all famililar with. You get stressed out and it just feels good to get some new wearable art. But recent studies from the University of Alabama have found that getting multiple tattoos can boost your bodies immune system.

Crazy right? OK OK, so initially that is not how it works. The process of getting tattooed actually decreases your immune system and increases the posibility of getting sick. That makes total sense. The body gets tired and your immune system focuses on healing the affected area. However with time, your body begins to accept this. As you get more tattoos, you actually build your immune system up which helps prevent future illness.

Say What?!

Think of it like working out. When you start a new fitness regimine, you feel weak. And as you continue working out, you get stronger and stronger as your muscles adapt to this new lifestyle.

This originally started as just an idea. However, Dr. Lynn with the university actually conducted studies on clients from several tattoo shops. Gathering saliva samples to measure immunoglobulin A to measure cortisone levels and anitobodies. His studies showed that as a client recieved multiple tattoos, the anitobodies and hormones decreased less over time. The bodies response to multiple tattoos was less severe. You can read more in the paper he published here.

An Apple A Day…


Well, with that knowledge in mind, I would say it is time to get in and start building your own collection. Call us at Electric Eye Tattoo or come by the shop and schedule an appointment with us.

*obviously this is not medical advice, nor are we your new primary care physician. And we haven’t figured out how to  get insurance to pay for tattoos. So that’s a bummer.


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