Vegan Tattoos And How To Get Them

There has been an increasing demand for vegan tattoos as of late. With the gaining popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, people like to stick to their beliefs. Hey, we get it. You want to make sure that your tattoo is free of any animal cruelty, so let’s take a look at how exactly that works. 

What Is The Difference?

Obviously, as the name would suggest, you don’t want any animal products used as part of your tattoo. However the industry as a whole has already moved away from that for the most part. Glycerine, which is derived from from animal fat has been used as a stabilizer. Now tho, vegetable glycerine is much more common. Bone char, traditionally used in black pigments, has been switched to iron oxide. 

Additionally, transfer paper may contain lanolin which is derived from sheep. However most transfer paper now is thermal and certified vegan friendly. Companies like Spirit have guaranteed their products to be vegan friendly and safe. 

How Safe Is It?

Well, we have yet to find any science that backs up the safety of vegan tattoos vs. common tattoos. However, vegan tattoos are safe and are not shown to cause any more or less damage to the skin than traditional tattoos. So while we can say that vegan tattoos are safe and do not contain any harsh chemicals, we can not say that you will heal any faster. 

Where Can You Get More Information?

Just ask your artist what products they use. Any artist should know their products and be able to tell you where they came from and what is in them. There are several other resources online that can provide you more information. We suggest coming into Electric Eye Tattoo on Route 66. Hell, even this article is cruelty free. 


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