Tattoo Aftercare – How To Take Care Of A Tattoo

If you want to keep your newest art piece looking good forever, or at least as long as possible, you should take care of it during the healing process. The tattoo process itself isn’t over just because you aren’t in the chair under the needle anymore. Taking care of it to prevent infection and promote proper healing of your new ink is just as important. So here is a timeline on what to expect and what to do.

Step 1: The First Few Days

Your new tattoo is going to feel a bit like a sunburn. It is, in effect, an open wound. However, unlike other wounds it should be treated with an antibacterial ointment and a bandage.
Your artist will wrap or cover your tattoo once they are finished applying it. Depending on the scope of work, you need to leave this bandage on for 2 hours to over night. Thoroughly wash it once uncovered and use a light application of Aquaphor, H2Ocean, or another aftercare product. Do NOT use too much. just enough t make your new tattoo shiny is enough. Be sure to wash your tattoo in between applications with warm water and a fragrance free soap. And do NOT re-bandage your tattoo. It needs to breathe.

Step 2: Days 5 – Two Weeks

At this point your new artwork is probably starting to peel and flake. Do not pick at or scratch it. Allow this dead skin to fall off naturally. Prematurely removing flaking skin can cause damage to your tattoo and scarring. It will not end up looking the way you intended. And you artist will be able to tell if you were picking at it once it is healed.
Continue to apply aftercare ointment as necessary until fully healed. Continue to avoid too much direct sunlight on your tattoo or soaking it in water. In the summer time, this means no swimming.

Step 3: Post Healing

You are going to want to show off your new ink. Who doesn’t? To keep it looking brand new, use skin moisturizing lotion periodically as part of your normal routine. This will keep your tattoo looking vibrant for all of your friends.
If you have questions about how to take care of a tattoo, check out our Tattoo Aftercare and FAQ’s page for more information, or come by Electric Eye Tattoo in Sapulpa.

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